ProfsoUX 2020 is over

Our 9th ProfsoUX is over. 500 people, 37 talks and workshops, 6 of them — in English at the first day, plus two workshops in English on Sunday. Friday reception for speakers, and Sunday after party for all. Great talks, great people. Some technical problems at the Room 2, one speaker delivered the talk online due to car accident, but otherwise it was great event.

Some other activities included interactive ProfsoUX Journey Map, book-crossing and chill-out, Talk Points, and as always — after-talks discussions with the speakers.

Best ProfsoUX 2020 talks and workshops

1–2. Constantine GavrykovChanging the future of E-commerce. Designing for people, not conversion;
Kirill UlitinMaster-class: How to use Python for feedback gathering and analysis.

3. Nikita ZherebtsovHow to process errors and special work modes in interfaces

4. Natalya ChebykinaMaster-class: How to find people for UX-research activities

5. Pavel BurtsevAnalytics for designers

6. Oleg BukhtiyarA way to personalizing content

7. Anton DukanichCompetence matrix for design team

8. Ellie PonomarevaHow to prepare and conduct UX research of users with disabilities

9–10. Konstantin ValeevSystem Analysis Practices in UX Designer work;
Dmitry SergutovAvito Messenger platform as a product.

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